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There is no denying that as winter sets in, skin feels as though it needs a little more. Cold, dry weather and indoor heating generate a real thirst in our skin. Here’s a quick guide to boosting your winter routine to bring back the glow.

Up the ante

Dry skin comes in two forms, moisture-deprived and oil-deprived. For oil-deprived skin, the quickest way to combat that dry feeling is to add a little more oil to your daily routine. This improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

  • The Protect Oil is probably the most valuable addition to your routine as it allows you to add a protective oil when you really need it.
  • You can upgrade to an oil-rich moisturiser … perhaps Restorative Moisturiser, for premium nourishment; or the Rich and Ultra Moisturisers, from the Core range. The Nourish Moisturiser is perfect for sensitive skin types.

Nurture your skin’s microbiome

For moisture-deprived skin, your most important ally is a healthy skin microbiome. When your microbiome is balanced, it maintains the systems that keep skin’s barrier function in good condition and keeps the moisture in the deeper layers of skin, where it should be.

Healthy microbes perform some very useful roles, such as:

  • Maintaining T-junctions – the little stitches between cells that allow them to act as a network, keeping moisture in and bad stuff out.
  • Providing a constant supply of Hyaluronic acid, the super-hydrating active that retains moisture in your skin.

The Esse moisturisers are formulated to put your skin’s microbiome first. Packed with prebiotics and pH balanced, they’re the perfect way to maintain a healthy microbiome.

Stay hydrated from the inside

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day – drink a little more water. Your skin will look better for it and your body will be able to process metabolic toxins more effectively – an all-round win.

Should you be in any doubt as to how to make a winter switch, your professional Esse skincare stockist will advise you, or you can email us on for skincare guidance.